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Hookah Tobacco Paste : Royal de Wajidsons has been in the manufacture and export of Hookah Tobacco Paste for the last three generations. We have earned a name in the market of buyers specializing in Hookah Tobacco Paste or Jurak as it is called in some countries.

Royal de Wajidsons has been a providing source to many hookah tobacco paste sellers around the world who sell our branded products directly in their supply chain. Alternatively, we are also a major source for providing dry tobacco leaves where the buyer is doing the mixing and flavor adding their side to have an edge in their market.

Royal de Wajidsons is open to any marketing pacts with businesses who are willing to sell our brands under their umbrella. We are proven to be a high quality conscious corporation in the Hookah Tobacco Paste branch of industry.

Our products are available in bulk in the Hookah Tobacco Paste in different tin box packings like 0.900gms, 1kg packing as well as 16kg tin canister packing. Alternatively, our Hookah Tobacco Paste or Jurak is also available in the polybag version that is securely packed for safety in transit from our factory to the end consumer.

Royal de Wajidsons is also open to different packing options that the customer may like to try to further enhance the sale-ability of our Hookah Tobacco Paste—Jurak.

Royal de Wajidsons has the ability to manufacture and export brands provided by the customer based on their combination formulaes and we are known worldwide to keep the secrecy of the customers supply base (our company) to build and continue a trustworthy relationship. The Hookah Tobacco Paste— Jurak from our company has been loved by Hookah Lovers around the world.

Royal de Wajidsons is also manufacturing and exporting Flavored Hookah Tobacco Paste in different flavors to attract the ongoing Hookah Young Generation Joints. Our customers are large suppliers and stockists supplying these hookah joints worldwide.

Royal de Wajidsons has a long list of Handicraft Product Categories, details of which are present on our extensive online product catalog:

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